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I should more appropriately entitle this post “Back to Learning.” Before entering the hospital in December 2019, I completed or was working on several online courses through LinkedIn (formerly, Udemy, and Coursera. Some of these were paid for per course while others required a paid subscription. I studied web and graphic design, digital art creation, and art history. I used the Duolingo website to review the French language. Additionally, I took several courses with Ben Long on various topics in photography. This morning I completed one of his courses on photographic composition. I have already had his Introduction to Photography, Exposure (Parts 1 and 2), Lens, and Nikon 5100 courses. Currently I am working on his Travel Photography course. I hope to finish also his Black and White Photography, Flash, Advanced Composition, Night Photography, and Macro Photography courses. There may be other photography courses, too, that I am interested in taking after I complete those.

Ben Long is an excellent teacher. He has an engaging personality and somewhat quirky sense of humor. The main thing for me though is that he explains things well. I have certainly learned what it means to “work the shot.”  If you want to take his courses, you may do so through LinkedIn Learning (requires a paid subscription). When you subscribe annually, you pay a little less per month. If you aren’t sure how many courses you’ll want to take, you can pay monthly. In any case, you may cancel your subscription at any time. I am really enjoying learning new things!

Certificate of Completion Composition Course LinkedIn Learning

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